A basaak for my aunt

I want to introduce you the basaak girl that I customized for my aunt, as a christmas gift. Basaaks are always a cheap choice for custom practice but they are a really hard experience!

The doll was only 20€ at ebay, but I don't think I will buy again... I didn't have many problems with the carving but removing and replacing the eyechips was really a pain, , I had to carve the eyeholes until they fit.

Also the hair quality is really really bad. But I'm pretty satisfied with the result. 

The doll before the custom process.

As you can see the plastic is very shiny and the hair bangs needed a good cut.

This was the result after finishing the carving.
I tried to make the nose tip more round, small nose holes, mark a little bit the philtrum and give the mouth a new shape.

And the final result!