She's my redhair little girl, a Blythe Zinochika. I've loved working with the fbl mold.
I did her makeup twice. The first time I used darker colors,dark blue for the eyelids and red for the lips. I always imagined ger with lots of freckles and red lips, but in the end I didn't feel comfy with that make up and re-did it with natural colors and now I really love her.

Work done:
- Mouth, nose, philtrum and  chin carving.
- Make up with pastel, acuarel pencils and Msc UV-cut
- Blogged eyes, sleepy eyes and gaze correction
- 2 pairs of realistic eyechips by Puppelina
- 2 pairs of eyechips by brainworm
- Hair washed and conditioned
- New eyelashes.

I hope you like her! Thanks for watching!

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