*Adopted* Chisa (Neo Blythe groovy groove)

Let me introduce you Chisa, she is a Sbl Blythe groovy groove and is looking for love in a new home at my Etsy.
This time I decided to make a toothy girl with brows, It is the first time that I add brows to a Blythe makeup, I hope you like them. 
Click the photos if you wish to see them in large size.

Work done:

-Sbl blythe opening
- Stock make up removed
- Lips, nose, philtrum and chin carving and sanding.
-Teeth made with epoxy
-New make up with quality Rembrandt pastels, watercolor pencils and acrylics and sealed with MSC uv-cut
-Eyeballs were replaced due  the yellowing of the plastic.
-Blogged eyes, sleepy eyes and gaze correction.
-Eyechips replaced: 2 new pair of realistic eyechips by puppelina, one handpainted pair of eyes made by Dollywardrobe and one normal lilac  pair of eyes. 
-New eyelashes
-New pullrings

She is an ooak doll made with care and love, but please keep in mind that she is a custom doll and therefore modified and not factory perfect. The picture colors may look slightly different from the real colors.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a message.